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Words of Inspiration for the Week of May 16, 2004
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This historic Sabbath ended with a more glorious display of Jesus Christ's miraculous power.  
News of the synagogue miracle and the healing of Peter's mother-in-law quickly spread
throughout the community on this particular Sabbath day.  That evening at sunset it was like a
hospital at the door of Peter's home.  The miracle of the demoniac encouraged the people to
bring all the demon-possessed they could to Jesus.  The Bible says, "That evening after sunset
the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed.  The whole town gathered at the
door, and Jesus healed many who had various diseases" (Mark 1:32-34).  Matthew 8:16, tells us
that Jesus healed them all, imposing upon them a vow of silence in regard to His identity as the
Messiah.  The instant and entire healing of the fever-stricken woman inspired friends to bring
all the ailing persons of town to Him so that, in the coolness of the evening with the setting sun
registering the end of the Sabbath, Jesus could heal them.  Tired though He must have been
because of the limitations of His humanity, Jesus began His healing mission afresh, continuing
far into the night His toilsome work, until He had "healed them all."  His sympathy was
individual, for Luke tells us that "He laid His hand on every one of them."

Jesus never saw a multitude without having compassion for all who formed it, and no sufferer
ever made application for relief in vain.  Imagine what kind of day this was for Capernaum as
Jesus, in ceaseless energy, crowded the day with so many loving deeds!  What a miracle He
Himself was!  Beholding the manifestation of His power, we wonder still more at the miracle of
His unused power.  The miracles on the Sabbath were looked upon as a fulfillment of the
prophetic word, "Himself took our infirmities and bared our sicknesses" (Isaiah 53:4).  He drew
to Himself and absorbed the suffering around Him.  In Him, they all met, so that in Him they
should all be done away.  He bore sickness, "inasmuch as He bore that mortal suffering life, in
which He could bring them to an end, and finally swallow up death, and all that led to death, in

If you need healing or deliverance today, just remember the Word of God tells us, " Jesus is
the same yesterday and today and forever' (Hebrew 13:8).

"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God..." (I John 4:7)