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Pastoral Resource Ministries, Inc. (PRM) is an interdenominational full gospel outreach resource ministry.  As a
501 (c)(3) organization, PRM provides a continuum of Christian resource services from a biblical perspective to:

1.  Promote the advancement of the kingdom of God by developing a greater ecumenical spirit
of unity, fellowship, service and cooperation with people of like faith in the name of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2.  Offer and administer supportive outreach services to pastors, para ministry leaders and
faith-based and community-based organizations in various forms from a biblical perspective by utilizing our God
given spiritual gifts and talents under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

3.  Seek to provide "project types" help such as: organizing new organizations, developing and
implementing biblical Christian educational programs, workshops, conferences, ministries
evangelism, mission work and social services remedies for pastors, para ministry leaders,
and faith-based organizations.

4.  Serve the religious and secular constituency by promoting economic improvement for the
people of God through workshops, seminars, conferences and printed materials.

5.  Assume the role of consultant and not take on the permanent role of pastor, deacon, or
staff member with various ministries or faith-based organizations.

6.  Promote to provide resources services from a Christian biblical perspective within the
context of shared Christian faith, values, integrity, accountability, competence and spiritual
help that is help.
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