Pastoral Resource Ministries, Inc., (PRM) came into existence under the vision, power, and direction of the Holy Spirit.  
During Pastor Gilbert's prayer time with God in 1998, the Holy Spirit said to her, "My people are destroyed for the lack of
knowledge" (Hosea 4:20).  They have lost hope, sight of God, lost their goals, self-esteem, their identity and purpose in life.
Through God's grace and guiding hands, the impact of her time with God left a burning desire on her heart to start PRM, a
501 (c)(3) organization.  Over the last ten years, the Holy Spirit has been guiding her step by step towards developing this

The vision for PRM took a significant change in November 2000 at its Anointed Women's Fall Conference. Since then, God
has blessed PRM, enlarged its territory, and expanded PRM's vision for ministry under Pastor Gilbert's leadership.  PRM
faces new challenges of developing and implementing by December 2014, 1) a Job Readiness Training Program;   2)
Counseling Ministry; 3) Conferences; 4) Singles Ministry; 5) Men's Ministry; and 6) Children and Youth Ministry.
PRM is thankful to God for the following milestones achieved over the last 12 years.  God blessed this ministry to establish a
Christian Education Training Institute, host annual Spring and Fall Conferences, sponsor workshops, seminars, revivals,
prayer breakfasts, Bible studies sessions, events honoring faithful servants of God laboring in the religious and secular
communities, and to establish various ministries.

PRM's intent is to be a support to pastors, para-ministry leaders, and leaders of faith-based and community organizations as
they attempt to meet ever-increasing training needs of their congregations, staff members and clients.  PRM envisions itself
to be an external arm used by God to support the great work of our pastors and leaders.

PRM thanks everyone who supported and prayed for this ministry over years.
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For more information please write or call us at: Pastoral Resource Ministries, Inc. P. O. Box 7232, Bloomfield, CT 06002
Office: (860) 243-2168
To God Be The Glory!
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