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Pathway To Hope Programs
Welcome to our Pathway To Hope Programs.  Many of our programs are operating on a small range, while
others will be operating in the near future. Please be patient with us during our developmental stages.  Thank
Pathway To Hope Programs
The mission of Pastoral Resource Ministries, Incorporated "Pathway To Hope" program is to:

To improve the quality of life for people through a holistic
approach by providing education, counseling, programs and supportive services.
Blankets of Love Homeless Program
The mission of the Blankets of Love program is to provide services to the homeless population through caring and supportive
relationships that will lead them towards empowerment.  
Book Club
The mission of the Destiny’s Book Club is to provide women from all walks of life the opportunity to come together in a relaxing
and fun atmosphere.  We discuss books that are applicable to our social, physical, emotional and spiritual lives from varied
perspectives and experiences.
Counseling Program
The Counseling program's mission is to provide counseling for individuals and families who are seeking advice through a problem-
solving process by loving and caring people who have the desire to help clients overcome some of the challenges and struggles they
are encountering in life.
Employment Preparation and Job Readiness Program
The focus of the Employment Preparation and Job Readiness program is to provide participants with job readiness and job
searching skills, problem solving skills, decision making techniques, communications skills, time management strategies, short and
long term goals, and a support system that will lead them towards empowerment.  
Jewels of Destiny Women’s Support Group Program
The Women’s Support Group mission is to unite women from all walks of life, embrace their issues and concerns, study and
discuss various topics of concern that will help improve the quality of women’s life and establish an outlet for women’s physical,
emotional, and social well being through discussion groups, workshops, seminars, book clubs, and printed materials.
Pastoral Resource Ministries’ Alpha and Omega Training Institute
The mission of the Alpha and Omega Training Institute is to provide a continuum of quality education through different subjects that
will provide students with knowledge and create an opportunity that will empower them to succeed and compete in today’s
Second and Third Generational Parenting Support Program
The mission of the Second and Third Generational Parenting Support Group is to involve grandparents and other caregivers in a
loving caring supportive relationship as they grow in the experience of raising third generational children.
Social Service Remedies
The purpose of this ministry is to guide/refer people to different agencies through verbal and written information, counseling
sessions, workshops, conferences, and seminars that will assist them with survival skills and needs for daily living.
Created To Be Whole Domestic Violence Prevention Program
The goals for the Created To Be Whole are to eliminate domestic violence, empower victims, educate the public, and promote
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