Pastoral Resource Ministries, Inc
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A Ministry For The Millennium
Pastor Thelma Gilbert, M.A., Founder and CEO
Under the awesome anointing, power, and direction of the Holy Spirit, Pastoral Resource
Ministries Anointed Women’s Fall and Spring Conferences are designed for the
purpose of  gathering women from across the state and beyond of like faith in Jesus Christ,
who are ready for reconciliation in the body of Christ.  As women we are collectively
confirming that we share in the ministry of Jesus Christ.  We are also affirming that it is
through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that God prepares and call his daughters into
different paths of supernatural ministry.

Over the years, as daughters of God, we have gathered together to celebrate the victory
that has been won for us through our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  Our coming together
has allowed the Holy Spirit to win the lost to Christ, to restore that which is broken, to
redeem that which is lost, for deliverance, salvation, and for spiritual fellowship in the Lord.

The conferences, workshops, and worship services are  designed to prepare God’s
daughters for spiritual renewal, training, empowerment, and for serving  God and
humanity.  When we come together, collectively, we are saying God blesses us, so that we
could be a blessing to others.  
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Pastoral Resource Ministries - Anointed Women's Conferences
We are "Anointed Women on a Mission for God"

Be Blessed!
Pastor Thelma Gilbert