Pastoral Resource Ministries, Inc.
An Outreach Resource Ministry - A Ministry for the Millennium

Pastor Kenric A. Prescott, MSW, MDiv.
Spiritual Advisor & Instructor
Kenric Austin Prescott is the Pastor-Teacher of Union Baptist Church of Hartford, where he
has served since 1995. This is Kenric's second pastorate in fifteen years of full-time ministry.
Pastor Prescott earned the Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Holy Cross University;
the Master of Social Work degree, from Temple University; and, the Master of Divinity degree
from Colgate Rochester Divinity School. Before entering pastoral ministry, he was employed
for thirteen years as a Social Worker and Social Work Supervisor in agencies dedicated to end
the cycle of abuse and neglect against children. Kenric and his wife, Elder Deborah Prescott,
are both ordained ministers, who through 27 years of marriage are the parents of three children
who are currently aged 13 to 25 years.
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