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Pastor Thelma Gilbert, MA, Founder and CEO

Sylvia Henderson - Board Member
Sister Sylvia Henderson is a native of Chicago, Illinois.  She is a member of Hopewell
Baptist Church in Windsor, Connecticut under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Dr. David L.
Massey.  Sylvia serves Chaplain for the  Intermediate Missionaries of Hopewell Baptist
Church, President of the Officer’s Council, Instructor for the Discipleship Training
Ministry and member of  the Women’s Ministry for the Hopewell Baptist Church

Having worked in the financial service field for more than twenty years, Sylvia currently
works for The Pension Service, Inc. in North Haven, CT as a Qualified Retirement Plan
Administrator and has held positions as Administrator and Director for the small business
market retirement plan services.

In addition she is a Board Member for Pastoral Resource Ministries as well as an instructor
for Pastoral Resource Ministries Training Institute.  She has supported local ministries as
program consultant, guest speaker and seminar facilitator. Sylvia is currently enrolled in the
Hartford Seminary Black Ministries Program.
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